Student Orientation

Students need to be orientated to the unit at the start of the preceptorship. Here are some helpful tips.

Student Preparation

The preceptorship is a partnership between adults; one is an expert (the preceptor) and one is a novice (the student or preceptee). All interactions and experiences should be characterized by mutual trust and respect. The purpose of the preceptorship is to help you, the student, transition to professional practice.

Student Progress

Managing student progress is both challenging and rewarding. The expected progression of the student in the preceptored relationship is as outlined in this document.

Managing the Assignment

Solid organizational skills will help students cope with the many unexpected occurrences and competing responsibilities inherent in daily clinical practice. Help the student develop an organized approach to patient care assignments.

Safety Guidelines

Patient safety is always our primary concern. Unsafe situations in which patients are put in compromising positions should be avoided.

Sources of Friction

What a preceptor expects the student to accomplish and learn may be different from the student’s expectations or even beyond the student’s capabilities. Expectations and discrepancies need to be communicated clearly between preceptor and student.

Strategies for Success

Here are a number of strategies you can take as a preceptor to help you and your student succeed.

Student Failure

At some time every preceptor has a student s/he believes will not be successful. Ideally, this determination should be made well before the preceptorship ends. Contact the faculty advisor early on to help resolve this situation and find solutions.

Tips for Teaching Adults

Teaching adults presents unique challenges and rewards. This document outlines several important features of adult education.

Giving Feedback

One fundamental aspect to the preceptor-student relationship is giving regular feedback. Students are generally accustomed to and interested in receiving feedback regarding their performance. Students require both positive and constructive feedback.