Module 1: Set the Stage – Getting Ready for a Student

Module 2: Support Learning in the Practice Education Setting

Module 3: Enhance Your Teaching Skills

Module 4: Foster Clinical Reasoning

Module 5: Give Feedback

Module 6: The Evaluation Process

Module 7: Support the Struggling Student

Module 8: Resolve Conflict

E-Tips Development and Evaluation

Considerable planning and expertise went into the development and evaluation of E-tips. A thorough environmental scan was conducted to determine the content needed in the modules that would be most applicable to preceptors and not found in existing resources. Once developed, the E-tips demonstrated that participants found the modules to be “highly applicable to their teaching roles as preceptors”.2

  1. Kassam, R., Macleod, E. Meeting the Clinical Education Needs of Community-based Preceptors: An Environmental Scan to Identify Format and Content for a New Web-Based Resource.
  2.  Kassam, R., Macleod, E. An Interprofessional Web-based Resource for Health Professionals. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2012; 76 (9) Article 168.


We would like to thank the BCAHC E-tips project team for allowing SAHSN to provide the E-tips modules on this website. E-tips Authors: Dr. Rosemin Kassam (Project Lead), Elizabeth MacLeod, Glynnis Tidball, Donna Drynan, Lois Neufeld, Mona Kwong Grant Funding for E-Tips was secured from the British Columbia Ministries of Health and Education, under the British Columbia Academic Health Council.